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JWM Direct now offers Full Color Digital Printing!

Our high-speed, high-quality digital press offers cost-effective printing for short- and medium-run jobs. Contact us for details!

JWM Direct Marketing is a full service direct mail marketing company. We set ourselves apart from the competition by following a customer-centric philosophy that guides each and every decision we make. It is our number one goal at all times to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Some call it obsessive, but to us it's how we do business.

JWM Direct provides a full range of direct mail marketing services including:

  • Full color digital press for
  • Mail piece design and layout
  • Mailing List selection and rental
  • Mailing List management and fulfillment
  • Deduping, cleanup, and mailing list manipulation
  • High speed inkjet printing and tabbing
  • Personalized laser letters and inserting
  • Accurate, precise mail piece folding
  • Custom hand work and hand inserting

Our website has a number of pages to help you learn more about our company and about direct mailing in general. Read more about our attention to detail and commitment to our customers by reviewing our Philosophy page. We utilize a state-of-the-art web based job management system that you can read about on our Technology page. Our unique capabilities and lettershop services are detailed on the Mail House page, in addition to our mailing list rental services which you can learn about on our List Rental page.

New to direct mail marketing? Check out our Direct Mail 101 page which includes a brief introduction to the amazing power of direct mail. In addition, you can learn some of the lingo over in our Direct Mail Dictionary which changes constantly. Stay up on the latest direct mail lexicon by checking back frequently.

Ready to get started? Fill out our detailed Direct Mail Quote form to guide you through the process right online. If you'd rather give us an overview of your needs, just use our Contact Us form. And of course, you may call us any time at 610-831-9030.

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