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Our Mail House

JWM Direct Mail Marketing's high speed inkjet printers process your direct mail fast!

Our fast inkjet printers get your mailing done on time without sacrificing quality. They're the best in the industry!

JWM Direct has an on-site full service direct mail lettershop or mail house. We have all the equipment necessary to process your mail efficiently and accurately. Our number one goal is your complete satisfaction, which is why we purchase some of the fastest equipment available. This allows us to offer turn around times that can fulfill the needs of even the most demanding clients. You can read about our equipment and capabilities below.

High speed inkjet printers:
Using technology similar to the printer on your desktop, direct mail ink jet printers are capable of printing names, addresses, barcodes, and other personalized information on mail pieces at a very high rate of speed. The pieces are fed from one side where they pass under an array of thousands of high-resolution ink jet nozzles. The address or other information is sprayed on in a split second and the piece travels onward to a piping hot dryer. The dryer allows us to print on a wide variety of paper stocks - even glossy and coated papers, without sacrificing quality.

Our inkjet services are different from that of many other mailing facilities. Our brand new equipment can print in virtually any font style imaginable. Because it's controlled and operated by a Windows based computer, any number of images and font styles can be printed on the surface of your mail piece. By having higher quality name and address information on the outside of your mailing, you increase open rates and response rates of your mailing.

Our competitor's ink jetting looks
mechanical and impersonal:
JWM has the ability to print in any
font including scripts for that personal touch:
A sample of the inkjet addressing that other direct mail companies output. A sample of the one of the script fonts JWM Direct Mail Marketing can print in.
JWM Direct Mail Marketing's computer controlled inserters insert laser letters accurately.

Our computer controlled inserters eliminate mistakes by closely monitoring exactly what goes in each envelope.

Multi-function tabbers:
Postal regulations require that open edges of any folded mail piece be sealed with a wafer seal or tab. These round stickers are folded over the edge of all self mailers to prevent the piece from opening during transit. A computerized tabber allows us to precisely control the placement of these tabs. Unlike some mail houses, we can ensure that each tab is placed exactly right so that the content on your mail piece is not obscured.

Computer controlled inserters:
An inserter is a sophisticated machine that stuffs or inserts an item into an envelope. We use these most often for personalized laser letters (see below). Our inserters are state-of-the-art computer controlled models that offer a unique "fail over" ability. If one cache of items to be inserted fails or empties, the failure is detected and another reserve stack is utilized instantly. This virtually eliminates erroneous stuffing and helps ensure high speed, non-stop operation. It's just another way we strive to be the absolute best in the industry.

JWM Direct Mail Marketing has many high speed laser printers like these to print personalized letters.

An array of high volume laser printers allow JWM Direct Marketing to churn out your customized one-to-one mailings at the last minute.

High volume laser printers:
Personalized laser letters are one of the most effective ways to get your message across in a personal, one-to-one manner. Our high speed, high volume laser printers can churn out thousands of customized letters per hour. Standard company letterhead is supplied or custom letterhead is offset printed prior to the mailing production. A letter is then laser printed on the letterhead, often with custom greetings, personalized text or images, and other information that helps increase response rates.

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