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At JWM Direct Marketing, we pride ourselves on our extraordinary ability to satisfy the needs of each and every one our customers. We have two key princples which guide our business practices and procedures.

  1. Always Exceed Customer Expectations
    1. No other direct mail house offers the kind of personalized, one-on-one customer support that JWM Direct Marketing offers. We are head-over-heels obsessed with customer service. It is our number one goal at all times to ensure that each and every customer is more than just 100% satisfied: it is our goal to ensure that our service exceeds our customers' expectations.
    2. Last minute jobs are our primary specialty! We will pull out all the stops for your time-sensitive mailings. We always pull through when every other mail house has turned you down. Need a job mailed the same day we receiving materials? No problem. Need a mailing designed, printed, and in recipients hands within a week? No problem. We will do whatever it takes to get your job done on time.
    3. No single customer is ever more important than the rest. We service everyone from Fortune 500 conglomerates to small, micro, and even home businesses! Because we want every customer to refer us to their colleagues and associates, we pay just as much attention to the small businesses as we do our corporate accounts. You will never be sidelined because we have bigger fish to fry!

  2. Utilize the Best Technology Available
    1. Technology is embraced with open arms at JWM Direct Marketing. While other mail shops shy away from the latest and greatest equipment and software, we are early-adopters: always pursuing the cutting edge of mailing technology. Our lettershop and mailing equipment are comprised of the latest and greatest industry-leading machinery.
    2. To help fulfill our goal of 101% customer satisfaction, we use the internet as a tool to keep in constant contact with our customers. Our custom-built web-based job management system is utilized by every employee during the course of your job production. Every step of the mailing process is documented electronically in a system our customers have complete access to online. You will have secure, password-protected access to real-time job status 24-hours-a-day through this website. It's just one more way we can use technology to feed our customer-service obsession.

For more information about the technology we use, please see our Technology page.

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