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Please fill out the form below to receive an accurate, detailed quote from JWM for direct mail services. Customer service is our number one priority so we try to respond to all inquiries the same day. If you're confused by this form or would prefer to speak to someone, simply call us at 610-831-9030 and press 2 for sales.

What is the purpose of this mailing?
  Sell your product
Sell your service
Inform your customers
Announce an event
Ask for donations
What type of piece would you like to mail?
  4" x 6" card (postcard)
8 ½" x 5 ½" card
Self mailer
Letter - Window Envelope
Letter - Non-Window Envelope
Box, Tube, or other dimension piece
How many pieces would you like to mail? We can quote you up to 4 different quantities:
Are your pieces already printed?
  My pieces are already printed
I will have the pieces printed by my own printer
I would like JWM to recommend a local printer
I would like JWM to get the pieces printed for me
Would you like us to design the mail piece?
  I have already designed the mail piece.
I would like JWM to design a mailing for me.
Will you be providing the list to mail?
  Yes, in an electronic file.
Yes, on labels.
Yes, it needs to be entered into a computer though.
Yes, I would like each piece hand addressed.
No, mail is already addressed.
No, I need to rent a mailing list.
What is the size of your individual mail piece?
  #10 Standard Business Envelope
6" x 9"
9" x 12"
8 ½" x 5 ½"
4" x 6"
Other (specify height and width)
How much does each individual mail piece weigh?
I'm not sure what it will weigh.
What mailing class would you like to send your mailing?
  1st Class
3rd Class / Standard
Non Profit
Ship Non USPS
How would you like postage affixed?
  No preference / least expensive
Preprinted indicia on piece
Affix actual ("live") stamp
Which side of your envelope has the opening:
  Long Side
Short Side
Will your job require: (check all that apply)
Laser Personalization
Color Personalization
If applicable, how many inserts will you have?
When will you have all materials to us?
  Calendar Guide
When would you like this mailed?
  Calendar Guide
How many times would you like to mail this job?
  One time mailing
First time, but might repeat times per year.
I already mail a similar campaign times per year.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about this mailing?
First Name
Last Name
Company Name
Zip Code
Phone Number
Email Address
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