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In order to provide the most outstanding customer experience possible, JWM Direct Marketing uses the most advanced job management system in the industry. We utilize an entirely custom built back office infrastructure system that allows us to maintain complete control over all job assets at all times. This system has been essential to our success, as no other lettershop uses a job management system like it.

Our system fits together like a jigsaw puzzle, with each department having their own link into the overall job management package. The most important piece of the puzzle is our web based Client Login system. This portion of our website connects directly to our internal database system and allows you, our valued client, the ability to view complete job details and status right on the web, 24-hours-a-day. Because our website is connected directly to our job database, updates are made in 100% real time. You can view exactly what has and has not been done on your job at any time:

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